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Vai ter filme animado de To The Moon :')

Info points from the official press release:

"-To the Moon's animated feature film project is now confirm.

-It will be a collaborative project between Japan (main production) and China (main funding).

-First tier Japanese animation production companies are aboard (specifics to be announced in the coming future).

-The film project was made possible in partnership with Beijing's Ultron Event Horizon, whose CEO, Danyang Zhao, was responsible for bringing the animated film "Your Name" to China.

-Significant budget for the project has been cleared (quoted as somewhere above the budget for the production of Your Name, for reference).

-The original creator of To the Moon, Kan Gao, will play a part in the script editing/advising process.

-Freebird Games continues to create narrative-driven games with Kan fully committed. The production for the next Freebird game project has already begun, and is quoted to be 'quite bonkers.'"

To the Moon

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    darlanfagundes · about 4 years ago · 1 ponto

    Oh, esse merece viu!!!

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    marlonfonseca · about 4 years ago · 1 ponto

    Acabei de terminar o jogo e pensei: "ele merece e precisa de um filme". Ai sim!!

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