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    How to get a full driving license in the UK?

    Theory test online can be a good idea to get a full driving license. But it is enough because you have to follow several steps to get the license. if you live in the UK and you are a native citizen of Britain, you can just get your license as long as you are 17 years old or older. Basically, there are three steps to get a full driving license, they are getting a provisional license, passing the theory test, and passing the driving test.

    Getting Provisional License

    Applying for a provisional license is a must before you begin to learn driving and take the theory test, hazard perception test, and the practical test. You need to contact DVLA to get this provisional license. This provisional license is just temporary so you can get the full license. You can send your application and document to the nearby office. You can even get a provisional driving card online, but you must be a resident of the UK. Also, you have to be at least 17 years old and have good eyesight. You also must have an ID card, national insurance, proof of address, and pay the cost about £34.00. How long can you use the provisional license? Well, once you get the provisional license, you can use it for 10 years, but you can upgrade it to full license by taking the theory test and HPT.

    Passing the Theory Test

    You may practice theory tests online, but you must take the actual test in the official office of DVSA. If you already have a provisional license, then you have a right to take a theory test and hazard perception test. You must pass the theory test and the hazard perception test. The theory test will be first and then it will continue to the hazard perception test. The theory test consists of multiple-choice exams while the Hazard perception test consists of questions with video illustrations.

    Passing the Driving Test

    If you have passed the theory test and the hazard perception test, then you can go on to the driving test. It is a practical driving test where you have to drive a car to know how well you drive a car. You may be good at the theory, but you may not good at practical driving. This practical test will take around 40 minutes and you must show that you can drive the car through several conditions and obstacles. If you pass this practice test, then you have a big chance to get your full driving license.

    Finally, those are a few steps to getting a full driving license in the UK. Keep in mind that you must hold a provisional license so that you can take the test. Then, you have to pass the tests to get the license. You can practice theory test online before you take the actual test. You can increase your driving skills first so you can pass the practical test. 

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    What’s the difference between PPSR and Revs check?

    Having a personal vehicle or car is a dream for everybody. With a car, you can go anywhere you want. But, it is not that simple to purchase a car because a new car will be so much expensive while a second-hand car comes with great risks. Fortunately, if you prefer to buy a used car, you can check the car history report. You can either conduct a PPSR check or REVs check WA to get some information about the car. Anyway, what's the difference between PSSR and REVs check?

    Revs Check vs PPSR Check

    If you want to check a used car history report, you can conduct a PPSR check or Revs check. In fact, Revs check and PPSR check are actually just the same you can also visit our site . REVS actually stands from Register of Encumbered Vehicles while PPSR stands for Personal Property Securities Register. When you check the REVS, it means that you also check the PPSR. If you check the PPSR, it means that you also check the REVS. Somehow, either the REVS and PPSR check report provides a lot of information about a used car.

    PPSR or REVS Check Points

    What will you find out after checking the PPSR or REVS check WA? Of course, you really want to know some crucial information about a used car before you buy it. It is not only getting information about the car specifications. But, you may also find out some important points such as:

    -Registration Detail that allows you to know the exact VIN and REGO whether it matches the current registration.-Written off Status that allows you to find out if the car was damaged due to collision, crash, flooding, and storm.-Stolen Check that allows you to find out if the car was ever stolen or currently stolen.-Finance owing check that allows you to know if there is an outstanding loan that is still connected to the car.

    By knowing these several important points, you can use the information to decide to buy the car. Of course, you can buy a car if only the car has no problems. All and all, you have to take your own risks whatever you make the decision.

    Getting Revs Check WA Report

    How to get a car history report? Today, it is very easy to get information about car history that you want to buy. If you want a trusted car check report service, you can count on the Revscheckreport website. You can do it in some simple steps. First of all, you have to visit the official website of Revscheckreport. Then, you can enter the VIN or REGO number on the available search box. Next, you can simply click “Get Report”. Next, you have to pay it first before you get the report. It is only $ 5.90 for a VIN check and $ 9.90 for the REGO check. Once you complete the purchase, you will then get the history report and you can also send it to your email. You can read it carefully and make sure you understand everything.We are a family owned and operated business.

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    What you have to do next after checking the car history?

    Buying is a big decision that you have to think about everything. Since it is expensive stuff, you have to choose the right car that suits you. Many people in Australia look for their favorite cars for weeks and even for months so they can find their favorite choices. But, it is not the only problem that you may face because you also have to conduct a Revs check report before the transaction. Revs check is a common thing to do when buying a used car. So, what’s next after checking the car history?

    You should have some options

    Nowadays, there are so many second-hand cars available for sale in Australia with various brands. You can choose your favorite one. However, you should not only check one car so that you can compare one car to another car. You must have some options to choose from. You can get a Revs check report for those cars.

    Make sure you don’t miss anything

    When you check a history of car or report, you should check it carefully. Make sure that you do not miss any important points. When you see the written off check status, you have to read it in detail and how it can give impact the car. Maybe, the car was damaged due to flooding which made the engine broken. How many issues does the car have? You must pay attention to these points so that you do not get any troubles in the future. All you need to do is to make sure that the Revs check report shows good condition.

    Never forget to check the car directly

    Getting a Revs check report is not enough to determine if the car is good or not. In fact, you also have to check the car physically so you will know how good the car is. You can start checking the exterior such as the tires, the body, the brake, the glass, mirror, bumper, and much more. Once you are done checking the exterior, then you go to the cabin to see the interiors such as the dashboard, the seats, the wheels, the multimedia system, and other features. It is also not a bad idea to test drive so you can feel it. You can only feel the engine by driving the car. Also, you must not forget to check the car documents and the expiration date. Overall, you can negotiate with the seller if there are some issues.

    In summary, those are a few things that you can do after checking the car history report. It is not enough to just rely on the car history report, but you also have to check the car directly. You can check several cars at the same time so you know which one is the best. You do not hesitate to ask the sellers about the car. You have to make sure that it does not have a lot of issues. All and all, you have to make a decision and you have to take the consequences.

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    ..:: NINTENDO 64 ::..

    - MEMORY CARD EA SPORTS [original, loose] = R$20

    ..:: NEO-GEO AES ::..

    - SENGOKU 2 [US/EURO, completo] = R$890
    - SAMURAI SHODOWN [US/EURO, completo] = R$170
    - WORLD HEROES [US/EURO, completo] = R$230
    - FATAL FURY 2 [US, completo] = R$160
    - ART OF FIGHTING [US, com caixa e sem manual] = R$150

    ..:: NES ::..

    - TOP GUN [US, loose] = R$15

    ..:: PLAYSTATION 3 ::..

    - CONSOLE COM DEFEITO YLOD [US, CECH-A01, Fevereiro/2007, unico dono, é o modelo que roda PS1, PS2 com 4 entradas USB frontais. Problema apareceu no dia 07/07/13, com caixa, plasticos, manuais, propagandas, cabo de rede, cabo USB do controle, cabo A/V, cabo de fonte, 1 controle Sixaxis, HD 60GB original] = R$250


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    Microsoft, sobre o problema de Drive

    Certos consumidores dizem que o drive de disco faz um barulho bastante alto e que ele simplesmente não lê os discos inseridos, ejetando-os automaticamente, como você pode observar no vídeo acima.

    Ainda é um caso bem pontual, que aconteceu com poucos usuários. A Microsoft se pronunciou há poucos instantes e disse que qualquer consumidor que perceber barulhos muito altos no console ou se o aparelho simplesmente não ler os jogos, deve se dirigir às lojas para trocar o seu modelo de Xbox One.

    “Nós estamos trabalhando diretamente com os consumidores afetados para que eles possam obter um console substituto o mais rápido possível pelo nosso programa de trocas. Tenham certeza, nós estamos cuidando de nossos clientes”, disse o comunicado. Não é claro qual é a porcentagem de aparelhos que apresentam esse problema no drive, porém não deve ser um número alarmante.

    Até o momento, esse é o único problema sinalizado pelos compradores do Xbox One.

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      chlsryu · over 8 years ago · 0 pontos

      @xboxone, cadê o vídeo?

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      xboxone · over 8 years ago · 0 pontos

      Corrigido @chlsryu ;)

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      chlsryu · over 8 years ago · 0 pontos

      Olha o jeito que o moleque pega no disco na primeira vez que vai inserir no aparelho.. ¬¬ Assim como aconteceu com o PS4 (Problemas) também acontecerá com o XBOX One.. Não duvido nadaaaa de usuários que danifiquem de propósito o aparelho para postarem filminhos.. Tem gente que põe larca no sanduba e diz que veio assim do restaurante só pra ganhar fama.. Gente que detona PS4 com .40 só por diversão.. Enfim,.. problemas sempre existirão em hardwares.. É questão de amostragem e vc não fazer parte dessa amostragem.

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    Revenge of Shinobi - Over The Bay (Cover solo)

    Compartilhando mais uma vez. Pra quem curte Revenge of Shinobi é um prato cheio. Um dos meus trabalhos favoritos. Adoro música dançante, e nesse trabalho misturo isso com guitarra, ou seja, curti bastante o resultado final.

    Procurei deixar alguns instrumentos bem fiéis à música original do Mega Drive, mas mexendo em todos os timbres, claro.

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      Dailhe GD! o/ hehehe. Show!

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