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  • Settler

    The Settler

    You pretty much founded Alvanista. about 10 years ago


  • Prophet

    The Prophet

    You write and people will revere you. You got a lot of lives in an update. almost 2 years ago

  • Tourist

    The Tourist

    You visited Alvanista at least 26 days in a month. over 8 years ago

  • Citizen

    The Citizen

    You were one of the first 500 pioneers of Alvanista. about 10 years ago


  • Elder

    The Elder

    You got many lives in an update. 8 months ago

  • Provoker

    The Provoker

    You got many comments in an update. over 2 years ago

  • Writer apprentice

    The Apprentice Writer

    Wow! You had a featured article on Alvanista. over 2 years ago

  • Tavern goer

    The Tavern Goer

    You wrote dozens of updates. about 7 years ago

  • Visitor

    The Visitor

    You returned to Alvanista for 10 consecutive days. over 8 years ago

  • Warrior

    The Warrior

    You finished a lot of games! about 9 years ago

  • Collector

    The Collector

    You collect games. about 9 years ago

  • Checkin adventurer

    The Check-In Adventurer

    You made your first Check-in. almost 10 years ago

  • Curious

    The Curious

    You are following another players. about 10 years ago

  • Well known

    The Well-Known

    Many players are following you. about 10 years ago

  • Resident

    The Resident

    You were one of the first to populate Alvanista. about 10 years ago

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