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ademarizu Ademar Izu Gomes

Um cara normal que gosta muito de RPG e jogos de luta...

over 8 years ago 2013-03-14


I've never been good on racing games, specially after playing them on Atari (Enduro) and Ayrton Senna's Super Monaco GP (Sega Master System). I remember being in a small game shop near my house (they have video games that you could play paying for the minutes) and I remember seeing that game with really vivid colors and amazing music, it was F-Zero. I asked the game shop owner if I could play a bit of that game, although I didn't like racing games, that one looked really awesome so I was curious to try myself and indeed was a marvelous experience. I was amazed by the speed, tricks and loops that the game had.
If you wanna just have fun, that game won't disappoint you.

9.0 9.0 10
9.0 Gameplay
7.0 Story
9.5 Music
9.5 Graphics

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