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  • iandimas Ian Dimas de Almeida
    2017-09-21 18:46:26 -0300 Thumb picture
    Post by iandimas: <p><a href="

    Medium 475725 3309110367

    Sketchember 11: Mighty

  • iandimas Ian Dimas de Almeida
    2015-08-30 18:39:39 -0300 Thumb picture
    iandimas checked-in:
    Post by iandimas: <p>Finally finished this one too!</p><p>I played th

    Finally finished this one too!

    I played this game twice, once on the GC and on the PS2, up till the last world, so unlike Generation I didn't feel like replaying the whole thing again, and just finished the last stages.

    It's been a long time since I played most of the game, but coming off from Generation, this games seems like a downgrade, which is not too surprising considering it came out the same year as Generation in Japan @__@

    The last 2 stages are an exercise of patience, and I fucking hated them. Overal, I guess the game's alright? Just stick to the amazing anime if you want your Jetters fix though.

  • alternateblue Allan Mello de Macedo
    2015-03-08 13:31:42 -0300 Thumb picture
    alternateblue checked-in:
    Post by alternateblue: <p>GEMTEM! Lembrei desse jogo! &gt;&lt; MEOL DEUS!

    GEMTEM! Lembrei desse jogo! >< MEOL DEUS! EU TENHO QUE REJOGAR! Eu lembro que fiquei empacado em um puzzle que é aleatório o resultado! ODEIO ESSAS COISAS! 

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