Curto games, física, metafísica, música e língua japonesa. Aprecio os games como uma forma de arte.


  • Patriot

    The Patriot

    You finished a lot of Metal Gear games. 8 months ago

  • Chocobo

    Chocobos' Farmer

    Interacted with many games of the Final Fantasy franchise. 8 months ago


  • Hero

    The Hero

    Finish a game is part of your daily duties. 8 months ago


  • Game player 10

    The Player

    You have reached 50% in 10 games. 4 days ago

  • Elder

    The Elder

    You got many lives in an update. 7 months ago

  • Checkin adventurer

    The Check-In Adventurer

    You made your first Check-in. 8 months ago

  • Barista

    The Barista

    You like Indie Games just like your coffee: with that generous bit of creativity. 8 months ago

  • Collector

    The Collector

    You collect games. 8 months ago

  • Warrior

    The Warrior

    You finished a lot of games! 8 months ago

  • Curious

    The Curious

    You are following another players. 8 months ago

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