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colt47 Luiz Souza Santiago


''The game is also really obsessed with players getting into long conversations with adults about how they perceive their own race, ethnicity, gender, and sexuality, which leads to lengthy, choice-driven chats with the likes of school counselor Mr. Mackey and PC Principal''

Eu  nem queria jogar esse jogo mesmo...

South Park: The Fractured But Whole

Platform: Playstation 4
202 Players
72 Check-ins

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    andre_andricopoulos · almost 4 years ago · 3 pontos

    Mal posso esperar para jogá lo.
    O primeiro foi bom demais...

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    renatolf · almost 4 years ago · 3 pontos

    Que? Vai acusar South Park de ter agenda esquerdista?

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    tecnologgamer · almost 4 years ago · 2 pontos

    Bem-vindo ao jeito liberal de narrar historias de jogos.

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