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Main New Features

PSVR support

Stereoscopic 3D support

Speedrun Mode

Some cutscenes can now be skipped with up on D-pad (Speedrun Mode only). In that speedrun trophies are now easier to achieve. Cutscenes that can be omitted with sequence breaks cannot be skipped

Order of the notebook pages on the beach can be determined by a seed value (Speedrun Mode only). Value can be randomized or set manually. Created with speedrun races in mind. Can be used to achieve better times with predefined pages order

Speedrun HUD can be turned on and off with L3 during run

VR support for Speedrun Mode (HUD in this version is placed in the center bottom part of the screen). We suggest to treat VR version as a different category of runs due to the way VR camera works.

Alternate VR Camera option was created with speedrunning in mind (up and down on the right stick places the camera in the direction the Princess is facing, near and far respectively)

Speedrun Fixes

Main timer shows time more accurately. Due to this change speedrun times may come across as slower, even to 2 seconds per minute. Change doesn’t impact level timers

Some shortcuts and sequence breaks have been changed/added with support of the speedrun community to preserve overall puzzle with different level order. We are always open to feedback – let us know what you think through our Twitter (@plasticdemo)!

Other New Features

Next Frame option added to Photo Mode. It allows to move action one frame at a time (Story Mode only)

Alternate VR Camera added to options menu. When on, up and down on the right stick places the camera in the direction the Princess is facing, near and far respectively

Both X and Y axis of the camera can now be inverted in options menu

General Fixes

Getting 100% Memory Shards will now result in a complete mosaic image, without holes

Rank in Leaderboards won’t reset with every page any more

Blocking backtracking bug at Shout level fixed

Blocking bug with final ribbon of the level disappearing after leaving the game and choosing continue fixed

Bug with the first aerial silk on Planes level appearing too short fixed

A few further adjustments with casual players in mind have been made throughout the main path of the levels

Further adjustments and fixes in animations of the Princess and other characters

Adjustments in all cutscenes (3D models, animations) with VR in mind

Other minor fixes and changes





Platform: Playstation 4
100 Players
12 Check-ins

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