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Post by matsu: <p>Apesar de ter comprado no lançamento, ainda esto
Pokémon Moon

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Apesar de ter comprado no lançamento, ainda estou na terceira ilha !

Mas para minha surpresa, meus pokemons pegaram pokerus ! Então quiser algum pokemon com pokerus só me falar !

Para quem nao sabe, pokerus basicamente faz o seguinte : 

"When a Pokémon has the Pokérus, it gains double the effort values from battling (e.g., fighting a Magikarp will give two Speed EVs, rather than one). Effort points gained from vitamins and wings are not doubled. The infected Pokémon can infect other Pokémon with the virus for a period of one to four days. However, the Pokérus timer can be delayed by several methods such as by placing the infected Pokémon in a PC Box.

While it is represented similarly to status conditions, the Pokérus is not a status condition, so it cannot be healed at a Pokémon Center or with any status condition healing item.

Pokérus has a 3 in 65,536 or approximately a 1 in 21,845 chance of being generated on a Pokémon, either wild or bred, making it rarer than encountering or hatching a Shiny Pokémon. Through battling or capturing this wild Pokémon, players could get this helpful virus onto their own Pokémon, and subsequently spread it around. Due to the overwhelmingly low chance of encountering the virus (about 1/3 of the chance to encounter a Shiny Pokémon), and the fact that most would not even recognize a Pokémon with the virus and may flee from it, many players don't have a Pokémon with the virus."

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    Mas que sorte!

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