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METHOD_IMPLANTA/. - Ar tonelico II: Melody of Metafalica

Game: Ar tonelico II - Melody of Metafalica
Cantora: Akiko Shikata
Compositora: Akiko Shikata
Letra: Akiko Shikata, Noriko Mitose

A música cantada seria a primeira linha de cada trecho, aonde em algumas partes é cantada em Carmena Foreluna, idioma do jogo. A linha seguinte seria a tradução.

xA rre exali sarr wLYErm anw sphaela/.
The dazzling, shining sunlight covered the whole world

xA sorr aLYEuk zess l.l.n. anw aje harphe/.
Like a blessing of the early morning being praised

xA sorr aLYEuk zess y.y. Ahiew_ayulsa/.
Like the healing of a long-frozen sadness

xU rre rhaplanca hLYEmYAmArU enw raklya en yLYEzAtU,
Entrusting her atonement and hope within the 1001st seed

jLYEwA dejuy en arhou tes 1001 Implanta/.
Rhaplanca sang her wish in overflowing tears

Hana wo sanji shu ni someta yubi de
My finger being dyed in the scarlet color of the scattered petals

Hitai wo kazaru toge wo ande
My forehead being adorned with knitted thorns

Watashi wa ima shokuzai no shirushi
I am now the symbol of the atonement

Ibara no tsuru no kauburi itadaku
Receiving a crown made of thorny tendrils

Hohotsutai ochiru shizuku
A droplet falling along my cheeks

Kawaita daichi ni somite
Pierces through the thirsty earth

Inochi no me uruosu you
To moisten the sprout of life

Ame to narite sosogitai anata ni
I would wish for the rain to pour down on you

Kono mune no naka afururu
Overflowing inside my heart

Hikari maioriru
The light descends

Inori no tane wa kagayou
The seed of prayers will shine

Kiseki ni mebuku
and soon will sprout into a miracle

xN rre harr f.s. tes maoh ess ouvyu sechel/.
Standing on the forgotten ruins, Rhaplanca whispered to Maoh

:/xO rre qejyu m.t.y.y. anw daedu/.
"Humans' lives are limited to just giving birth to ugly things

Naave wEsLYN ayulsa sphaela/.
Therefore I have created for them an eternal world without any anxiety or sorrow

xE rre vega a.u.k. ayulsa Asiance_qejyu/:
Here is the eternal paradise, the land which people struggle desperately to reach"

xN rre Maoh s.s.w. tie Rhaplanca enw h.k.t.t. has/.
Maoh embraced Rhaplanca and told her:

:/Reta yorr tYAnU za j.d.r. goa Aujes_qejyu/.
"No matter how foolish people are, don't let yourself be apprehended

sYAlA Atitia_qejyu/.
The humans also have righteous hearts in them

Reta yorr hYArAnAt oucc/.
Come with me

xU yorr vUsUk 1000 Aujes_qejyu/.
The reflection of the 1000 evils and lusts in your eyes saddens me

wYAfA za rYAfrm 1001 Atitia_qejyu en vYAsk yor/:
I want to reveal 1001 righteous hearts to you, and allow them to move you"

Shiroki ashi de deido wo fumishime
My white feet stepping on the mud

Tsubasa wa tsui ni kegaruru tomo
My wings finally became tainted

Watashi wa tada inochi hatsuru made
I would just, till the end of my life

Asu wo shinjite kanata e habataku
Fly towards the faraway place in which I believe there is a future

Aganai wa itsuka tabi no
My atonement, my journey

Subete wo oeru sono hibi ni
and everything shall end, in that day

Hatenaki negai utaou
Let us sing the song of endless wishes

Omoi kasaneau
Let us join our feelings

Tsunaida yubi wa ikue no
So our connected fingers will multiply

Hanabira no you ni
Like flower petals

Kono mune no naka afururu
Overflowing inside my heart

Hikari furisosoge
Oh, light, descend

Negai no kigi wa itsushika
The trees of the wishes will, soon

Sora eto todoku
Reach the Heavens

xN herra h.r.n.t. anw sphaela ttu y.y. 1000 hiewi meryu/.
In order to heal these 1000 bitter memories, the two traveled around the world

xN harr v.s.k. nafa eje en Atitia_qejyu enw h.r.n.t./.
During the journey, she saw, with her own eyes, the warmth and the warmth of the people

xN rre Rhaplanca y.y. eh 1001 Atitia_qejyu,
Rhaplanca had been healed by these 1001 righteous hearts of the people,

en harr w.n.s. anw ouvyu sechel sev maen olo/.
And one night, under the shining full moon, she returned to that place once again

xN harr h.l.s.s. ess ouvyu sechel.
Standing on the place where the dead ones were confined, Rhaplanca fearfully expressed her lamentation

:/xU rre vega a.u.k. zz ayulsa siance/.
"Here is merely the capital of death

xU rre vega a.u.k. zodal sechel/:
There was no paradise in this place after all"

xN harr y.z.t. en y.z.t. enw raklya/.
Then, her tears kept flowing, as a strong wish embraced her heart

:/mAtUyYAy 1001 Implanta/:
"I will give life to the 1001st seed"

Ar Tonelico 2: Melody of MetaFalica

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