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EXEC_HARMONIUS_FYUSION/. - Ar tonelico II: Melody of Metafalica

Game: Ar tonelico II - Melody of Metafalica
Cantora: Noriko Mitose
Compositores: Takashige Inagaki, Akiko Shikata
Letra: Noriko Mitose

A música cantada seria a primeira linha de cada trecho, em Carmena Foreluna, idioma do jogo. A linha seguinte seria a tradução.

Faura yerwe murfan anw sol ciel.
The little bird chirps her feelings to the world

Faura sonwe murfan anw sol ciel ee.
The little bird sings her feelings to the people

Hymmnos oz faura pomb na omnis, den accrroad
But, the little bird's song won't give birth to anything, because it's being given

Sos yor, yanje revm, na endia revm, yehah revm...
to you, to send to you to an eternal dream, an endless dream, a happy dream...

Fou hellei ga tasyue yorr yehar elle fandel hierle
I will offer myself to release you from that enormous sadness

Faura sonwe presia yorr wis yehah
The little bird sings, so please, be happy

ween shellan yorra accroad mea, sarla oz enne.
From the inside of this cage where you all put me, I shall sing the song of prayers

titil yehah, presia yorr wis yehah, presia yanje.
Even if it's only a little, please, be happy. Please, be happy forever...

Hyear, whai yorra vit rol hierle?
Hey, why do you always have that sad face?

Was ki ga fowrlle yor.
I want to comfort you

Was yea ra accrroad sos yor
I shall be happy to give to you

rudj en rudj rosa
red and crimson roses

yorr acra firle wael, fountaina yor der rudje
Surely, I shall be pleased to give to you the crimson roses you like

fandel rosa fandel rosa yorr infel
That surely will make you happy,

fandel rosa yorr infel
I will cover you in their red colors

Den, here irs ar vinan frawr,ween titilia shellan
However, here is but a single white flower, inside of this small cage.

Den na orviclle, vis ween leaff
"But is not a problem, I saw it in the books.

chsee tes rudj
The white flowers shall turn red"

clalliss vinan frawr
The white pure flowers

der sacra rol fau ween leaff
will be colored with the blood's color, like the birds I saw in the books

rosa, sos yor, tasyue
and then, I shall give them to you

vinan frawr tes rudje,rudje rol sacra
The white flowers are turning red, red like blood

sacra how clalliss
A blood-like color

celetille clalliss xel marta pomb mea
This is the first time I saw this color

clalliss vit iem nnoini
ever since my mother gave birth to me,

fountaina rudj rosa sos yor
Embracing all the red roses that I shall give to you

fountaina sacra
Overflowing like blood

weal, acra yorr chanti mea?
Are you pleased? Hey, are you praising me?

fountaina infel
Overflowing like love

whai yorr na rippllys mea?
Why you don't answer me?

fountaina, sos yor
Overflowing, for your sake

rippllys mea!
Hey, answer me!

Faura werlwe titilia en sonwe sos marta
The little bird sheds some tears, and sings for her mother

Sos yor, yanje revm, na endia revm
For your sake, a eternal dream, an endless dream...

Ar Tonelico 2: Melody of MetaFalica

Platform: Playstation 2
145 Players
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