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Time is Changing - Dark Cloud 2

Game: Dark Cloud 2 (Dark Chronicle, no Japão)

I'll take my chances, racing time
Re-writing the book
For all to see
On my own, I can ride the winds of change
To heal a broken time, a broken world

In the dark
A candle is the sun
To light our way back home
It's a dream
It's a hope
That one day we'll be free
Give me strength to open up the door

Only the strong ones
Can stand the test of time
Caught in between these two worlds
Finding our way
The sun will rise
To pierce the sky
When this wonderful world
Starts to shine

This timeless journey, far from home
I gave it all up
To make a change
Sure and strong, I will fight for what is right
To make a better place forever more

Through the door
I feel our freedom burn
With the light of a thousand suns
We will stand
We will fight
And break through these walls
With the strength and fire in our soul

When this wonderful world
Starts to shine

Dark Cloud 2

Platform: Playstation 2
368 Players
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