Network Synchronization

How is the synchronization of gaming networks?

Whenever a user accesses Alvanista, from a minimum time interval of 4 hours, we seek on your networks for synchronized updates. The synchronization depends on the availability of network game, and therefore, sometimes delays may occur in synchronization.

How do I sync my Steam?

Configure your Alvanista account using your custom URL. Your custom URL is available in your Steam profile on the "Edit My Profile" option.

Steam help

Where is the synchronization of Nintendo games?

To date, Nintendo has not released any way to perform the synchronization of their platforms.


How the ranking is calculated?

The ranking is based on the amount of achievements in each game.

What is the tiebreaker?

We use the level of the player in Alvanista, but only for tiebreaker between players with the same amount of achievements.

Level, experience and badges

How the level and badges in Alvanista are used?

The level in Alvanista measures the degree of interaction and participation in the network. Practically everything you do in Alvanista gives you experience points. Trophies are one way to show a bit of your gamer personality. For example, if you are a big fan of Zelda, you possibly will have the badge "The Player Ocarinas."

How do I evolve my level?

Perform good deeds and contributions on the network are rewarded with experience points which help in the evolution of the level. These actions include good posts and comments, reviews, ratings, synchronized achievements in games, registration games, submitting screenshots and any actions that add value to the network.

How do I get badges?

The badges are given in recognition of good activities performed by the user and also to activities that show your gamer profile.

Which achievements are there?

There is no official list of badges. We encourage exploration by the inhabitants of Alvanista for the discovery of new badges.


How do I add a game that does not exist in Alvanista?

If you identify a game that is not present in the Alvanista's game base, this game can be registered through the Add Game. The game goes through a moderation to prevent the registration of repeated games or erroneous data. The better the quality of the submission, the faster the game will be approved.

How do I add screenshots to a game?

To submit screenshot for a game, use the Submit Screenshots option, available on the sidebar of the game itself.

I tried to register a game or send screenshots but did not get success message, what happened?

Possibly you are using an image that Alvanista can not download. For example, this happens with images in the service ImageShark.

Inclusion of platforms

When will be included my favorite obscure platform?

We are regularly adding new platforms to Alvanista. Each new platform requires research and preparation of the base for inclusion in Alvanista. The criteria used for inclusion of the next platform is based on user demand and complexity for inclusion.


How to mention a user in a publication or comments?

To mention a user, use the @ character in front of the user name, as in @user_name.

How do I post images, videos or audio?

To post images, videos from Youtube or Vimeo, or Soundcloud audio, just post the link in your post so that Alvanista perform the conversion automatically.


What is check-in?

The check-in is a way to share what game you're playing right now.

How do I make the check-in from my mobile?

You just need access to your mobile Alvanista in or download the application on Google Play.

When Alvanista will have an app for iPhone or Windows Phone?

There is no deadline. The approval process for apps on Apple Store tends to be a bit long.

When we will have a mobile version of the entire Alvanista?

We are already working in this version. We have the prospect of concluding that in the first half of 2015.

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