2016-10-25 11:10:42 -0200 2016-10-25 11:10:42 -0200
darlanfagundes Darlã Fagundes

Sorteio 24hs de Batman Arkham City grátis!

Primeiro vc concorre aqui:

=>> https://www.orlygift.com/giveaway?ref=steam_group

24 keys disponíveis (1 key por hora)
Fim: 2016/10/26 13:00 am CEST

How to enter:
1. Sign in with your Steam account on https://www.orlygift.com/giveaway?ref=steam_group
2. Share the game on Facebook or Twitter
3. Enter the the giveaway and we randomly choose happy winner every 1 hour!

If you don't get a key on your first try, don't give up your chance will rise every round! We start a new round every 1 hour, so everyone has a chance to get free games!

Batman: Arkham City

Platform: XBOX 360
8977 Players
168 Check-ins

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